New “Lum and Abner” Comic Strip #605!

“HUH?” – Chapter 7!

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Cartoonist: Donnie Pitchford!
Audio cast in order of appearance:
Dr. Joe Oliver, announcer, Brother Franklyn, and Ben Withers! 
Marc Ridgeway, composer/musician!
“Singin’” Sam Brown as Dick Huddleston!!
Donnie Pitchford as Abner and Mousey!
Tim Hollis as Lum!
Daron McDaniel as Washington!
and (recorded in 1990)
Bobs Watson as Brother Jimmy!

Here is our audio production:

Bobs Watson, 1930-1999

Actor and Methodist Pastor Robert Ball “Bobs” Watson was a good friend to the National Lum and Abner Society. He is remembered as a gifted child actor (Boys Town, On Borrowed Time) and portrayed Jimmy King in the 1940 Lum and Abner film Dreaming Out Loud!

In 1990, Rev. Watson joined the NLAS in celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dreaming Out Loud and recreated his character from the film. We blended fantasy and reality and had him return as the new preacher in Pine Ridge! I have edited clips of the audio recording of that performance in this week’s comic strip audio production as a tribute to Rev. Bobs Watson.

The cast of the 1990 National Lum and Abner Society Convention play, “Welcome Home, Brother Jimmy!” Left-to-right, John Knuppel as Grandpappy Spears, Charles Thurman as Ulysses S. Quincy, Jeff Carter as Mousey Gray, Tim Hollis as Abner Peabody, Sam Brown as Cedric Weehunt, and Donnie Pitchford as Lum Edwards!

The make-believe Lum and Abner, joined by “Singin’ Sam” Brown of the NLAS, enjoy seeing the movie prop sailboat autographed and gifted by the real Lum and Abner to their 1940 costar Bobs Watson! Read all about it here!

Click here for the Jot ‘Em Down Journal to read more about the 1990 NLAS Convention and Bobs Watson!

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Robert Flood!
Thank you, Bob!


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