“The Jot ‘Em Down Journal” #100

FREE! Lum and Abner fans: The Jot ‘Em Down Journal #100, February 2000, is available again to read (PDF) and/or hear (MP3)! Front and back covers: Jot ‘Em Down Journal covers #1 (1984) through 99 (2000).“The Jot ‘Em Down Journal Makes #100“ by Tim Hollis.“Lum and Abner in the News” “Amid the Native Corn” fromContinue reading ““The Jot ‘Em Down Journal” #100”

“Lum and Abner” Comic Strip Announcement!

SOUND EFFECT: “Fire Alarm” ring UNCLE DONNIE: Howdy folks! There ain’t no fire! I need to let you know that I am changing the frequency on the release of new Lum and Abner comic strips for the month of July 2022 and possibly part or all of August. Lum and Abner will be published every-other-SundayContinue reading ““Lum and Abner” Comic Strip Announcement!”

New “Lum and Abner” Comic Strip #573!

“NOW WHAT!?” Chapter 18! Click here to subscribe for FREE! Cartoonist: Donnie Pitchford!Audio cast in order of appearance:Dr. Joe Oliver, announcer and Brother Franklyn! Marc Ridgeway, composer/musician! “Singin’” Sam Brown as Dick Huddleston!Donnie Pitchford as Sheriff Slack and Abner!Al Bohl as the escaped jewel thief!Tim Hollis as Lum! Here is our audio production: Previous strip! <–Click for–> Next strip! Return to theContinue reading “New “Lum and Abner” Comic Strip #573!”

“The Jot ‘Em Down Journal” #23

FREE! Lum and Abner fans: The Jot ‘Em Down Journal #23, April 1988, is available again to read (PDF) and/or hear (MP3)! Cover: 1985 photo of Clarence Hartzell, 1910-1988, by Donnie Pitchford.“Robert E. Dwyer, 1913-1988” by Tim Hollis.“Fine: The Mart Careers of Clarence Hartzell” by Tim Hollis.“Memories of Lum and Abner” by Clarence Hartzell. “TheContinue reading ““The Jot ‘Em Down Journal” #23”