“Singin'” Sam Brown!

Sam Brown of Illinois is a co-founder of the National Lum and Abner Society which officially launched in 1984.

Not long after Sam met fellow Lum and Abner fan Donnie Pitchford (in Pine Ridge, 1982), the two tagged each other with Old Time Radio nicknames: “Uncle Donnie” (from Uncle Don) and “Singin’ Sam.”

During the National Lum and Abner Society Conventions, Sam often portrayed Dick Huddleston and provided live sound effects for radio script performances. He provided transportation for the majority of the guest stars who flew in and out of Arkansas via the airport in Little Rock.

For several years, Sam performed in the Popeye Fan Club‘s annual “Popeye Picnic” live radio scripts as Rough-House, the owner of the diner in Popeye’s town.

Today, Sam and his wife Debbie enjoy helping care for their grandchildren in Illinois.

Sam performs the voices of Dick Huddleston and other characters for the Lum and Abner comic strip.

Donnie Pitchford and Sam Brown, Pine Ridge, 1983.
Photo by Terry Pitchford.

Sam Brown, Fred Foy, Tim Hollis, Donnie Pitchford in Mena, 1999.
Photo by Chuck Anders.

Tim Hollis, Sam Brown, Kay Linaker, Jim Temple, Donnie Pitchford in Mena, 2005.
Photo by Chuck Anders.

Sam Brown as Rough-House, Chester, Illinois, 1998.
Photo by J. Wellington Wimpy.

Sam Brown posing in Janssen Park, Mena, Arkansas, 2017.
Photo not by Oscar Plaster.

Debbie and Sam Brown in Illinois, 2020.
Photo courtesy of Sam Brown.

Surrounded by family, 2017.
Photo courtesy of Sam Brown.

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