“The Jot ‘Em Down Journal” #66

FREE! Lum and Abner fans: The Jot ‘Em Down Journal #66, June 1995, is available again to read (PDF) and/or hear (MP3)!

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Cover: Dick Huddleston standing next to the Pine Ridge sign, circa 1941.
“Commentary: Cedric Weehunt, Pinball Wizard” by Janet McMurrin.
“Lum and Abner Go to War” Part 22 (although it says “21” in the article!) by Donnie Pitchford.
Sidebar to above: “The Many Faces of Robert the Robot” with one illustration by Harold Petersen.
“Lum and Abner in the News: “Reddy Kilowatt Going to Pine Ridge” from October 1945.
“Lum and Abner Meet With Fowl Play” a review of the L&A-like MGM cartoon Tom Turkey and his Harmonica Humdingers by Tim Hollis.
“And Now…” NLAS Convention updates plus the passing of Thomas K. Nobles, announcer on the first Lum and Abner broadcast on KTHS Radio, by Tim Hollis.
“The 11th Annual National Lum and Abner Society Convention” announcing guest Parley Baer.

And more!

The Jot ‘Em Down Journal was edited by Tim Hollis.
The Audio Journal was read by Sam Brown.

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This concludes Volume 11 of The Jot ‘Em Down Journal!

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