“The Jot ‘Em Down Journal” #65

FREE! Lum and Abner fans: The Jot ‘Em Down Journal #65, April 1995, is available again to read (PDF) and/or hear (MP3)!

Cover: Willard Waterman, 1914-1995.
Willard Waterman, 1914-1995 a sad farewell by Tim Hollis.
“Lum and Abner Go to War” Part 21 (although it says “20” in the article!) by Donnie Pitchford.
“Peace Conference in Fran Sansisco” Lum and Abner script from April 26, 1945.
“The 11th Annual National Lum and Abner Society Convention” announcing guests Parley Baer, Jean Vander Pyl, Shirley Lauck Babcock (although those two ladies were unable to attend).
And more!

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The Jot ‘Em Down Journal was edited by Tim Hollis.
The Audio Journal was read by Sam Brown.

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