“Lum and Abner” Rerun #132!

“Ends ‘n’ Odds”
Cartoonist: Donnie Pitchford

Audio credits:
Jimmy, misc. voices: Kyle Cage!
Washington, misc. voices: Daron McDaniel!
Our 2021 announcer is Dr. Joe Oliver!
Music by Marc Ridgeway!

Click to listen!

Once again I presented a “PSA” of sorts to make a statement about the dangers of children getting into adults’ prescription medication. As I recall, Daron and Kyle, both former CHS-TV students from my broadcast journalism and video technology classes at Carthage High School, had an opportunity to record some voices and I took advantage of that session to cut audio for three of these PSA strips. You’ll see and hear another in rerun form for New Year 2022!

The building depicted above was, at one time, an actual hospital in Mena, Arkansas.

Daron McDaniel and Kyle Cage during an audio recording session in 2013.

Our sponsor of the week:
Argo Press, publisher of Charlton Spotlight!
Check out this fun video, all about Charlton Spotlight magazine, and featuring some amazing award-winning writers and artists!

Thank you, Michael Ambrose!

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