New! “Lum and Abner” Comic Strip #518!

We begin year #11!

Okay, so this strip contains a corny gag.
Have some cake on Lum!
Er, I mean, let’s celebrate!

Our audio cast this week:
Lum: Tim Hollis
Abner, Mousey: Donnie Pitchford
Announcer: Dr. Joe Oliver
Dick Huddleston: Sam Brown
Music: Marc Ridgeway
Cake baking: The Pine Ridge Ladies Auxiliary

Click to listen:

The first Lum and Abner comic strip appeared on Ethan C. Nobles’ FirstArkansasNews website on Thursday, May 12, 2011. That strip continued to be displayed as we worked to drum up interest. Finally, the comic strip was officially launched on Sunday, June 5, 2011, 10 years ago yesterday! Since today is the first Sunday of June 2021, we’re recognizing the anniversary today!

Many thanks to all our sponsors, editors, and audio talent for making this anniversary possible!

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