Lum and Abner: “sLUMber and Abner!”

Before we begin this story in our Lum and Abner Comic Strip Rerun series, let’s check out a YouTube video produced in 2013!
In loving memory of the award-winning writer, artist, editor, filmmaker
Nicola Cuti, here is a video of highlights from “sLUMber and Abner!”
Nick Cuti permitted the guest-starring role of of character,
Captain Cosmos, the Last Starveyer, and provided both the visual model and the voice! Sadly, Nick passed away in 2020. I am deeply honored to have worked with him on a number of projects including a series of radio broadcasts in 2005, a Popeye Picnic in Chester, Illinois in 2012, and a series of comic book stories in 2016-17 starring his creation for kids, Starflake the Cosmic Sprite.
For more information on Nicola Cuti, feel free to contact me,
Donnie Pitchford, Lum and Abner cartoonist, at the “contact” link.

Please excuse any outdated announcements.
Lum and Abner is no longer available at (but feel free to contact them and request it, and just maybe… ).

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