Lum and Abner benefit senior pets!

I was contacted by a young lady named Emma Bayer who wrote,
“I am in the eleventh grade and a member of Girl Scout Troop 2966. I am currently working on my Gold Award Project. The Gold Award is the most prestigious award in scouting. The goal is to help fix a problem and make a lasting change.

“The purpose of my project is to raise awareness of senior pets, and educate people as to why having a senior pet is important and beneficial. I am also starting a senior pet fund through fundraisers, to donate to shelters for any specific medications, toys, etc. for senior pets to keep them comfortable and happy.”

Visit eBay here to see and bid on the art!

Contibuting artists:

Bud Grace
John Hambrock
Bill Holbrook
Mike Luckovich
Randy Glasbergen
Dave Blazek
Eric Reaves
Tom Stemmle
Leigh Rubin
Jimmy Craig
Tim Rickard
Charles Brubaker
Dave Sattler
Robb Armstrong
Greg Evans
George Gant
Dave Coverly
Rich Powell
Tyson Cole
George Dunn
Brian Crane
Peter Hannon
Phil Witte
Peter Guren
Phil Fehrenbacher
Ron Ferdinand
Ralph Hagan
Stave Barr
Dave London
Carla Kneer
Jan Brett
Donnie Pitchford
Brian Anderson
Cathy Guisewite
Stephanie Piro
Isabella Bannerman
Montana Hallmark
Robin Press Glasser
Cat Osterman
Christine Pullara


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