“No daily rerun?”

“Are Lum and Abner on vacation?”

Well, not really! On Friday, November 4, 2022 we ran Lum and Abner #77 from 2012.
As a result, we are caught up to where the reruns started a couple of years ago!

Some readers missed the announcement that was included on that post.

Strips #1 though 77 were originally posted on another site.
Due to complaints about how difficult that one was to view, we switched to this one.
Also, the old National Lum and Abner Society site went dark in 2021.

So now, all the Lum and Abner comic strips are available on this site!
You can visit our comic strip archive page any time to revisit, catch up, leave comments, etc.

Stories are listed by title with the original publication dates included.
Just click a story title and you’ll land on the first installment of that story.
At the bottom of each page is navigation to move you through the strips.

Click here for the Lum and Abner
Comic Strip Archives Page!


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