Dad-blame it! I made a MISS-take!

I know this is the third post in a single day, but I was informed of some audio errors in the last few Lum and Abner comic strip reruns.

Many thanks to Sam Brown who informed me of the audio for strip #33 being somehow repeated for 34-37. When I was scheduling those many months ago, I obviously failed to update the audio portions of the posts.

Below are links to those strips in case you need to backtrack and hear that audio.

Lum and Abner #34

Lum and Abner #35

Lum and Abner #36

Lum and Abner #37

Just FYI, on September 24 we will send out the final Saturday Jot ‘Em Down Journal reissue. That will “close the gap” and the earlier issues will all be available online.

The final Lum and Abner Rerun comic strip will be sent out on Thursday, November 4, 2022 (not counting some holiday collections). We’ll be caught up at last.

And the later issues of The Jot ‘Em Down Journal, which come out on Wednesdays, will be wrapping up early in 2023.


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