Back to weekly next Sunday!

Yes, the cartoonist has been doing nothing but hanging around the beach with our old friends Lum and Abner! NAH! Actually, I was quite busy, often working day and night to complete a series of portrait plaques of Buddy Holly, David Frizzell, and the Texas Tenors for the 2022 Texas Country Music Hall of Fame Induction.
Here is news coverage anchored by Blake Holland (a graduate of my former department at Carthage High School after I left there)! CLICK:

Texas Country Music Hall of Fame 2022!

What else has been going on?
Well, I was honored with an article in our county magazine,
Panola Crossroads, by editor-writor Kay Hubbard!
They no longer operate a website, but you can read or download a PDF here:

Click for Panola Crossroads PDF!

And, finally, Jerry Hanszen of our Carthage, Texas radio station KGAS interviewed me for his morning radio-cable TV-Facebook Live program Panola Pride on August 18.

Click for the Panola Pride program!

Lum, Abner, and all their Pine Ridge friends will be back with you every Sunday
starting September 4, 2022!


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