“Lum and Abner” – Rerun #1

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WHAT!? Why are we starting over?
It’s because strips #1-77 are not available on this website yet!
Long story, so I’ll spare you the details.

Yes, this is how the Lum and Abner comic strip began in 2011. At that time, it was published online by a now-defunct site called FirstArkansasNews.
Soon it was part of the GoComics lineup through their Sherpa service and it was picked up by some Arkansas newspapers and eventually the national publication Today’s Grocer.

I cringe at these early strips, but after all, I’d not been doing much art during the 1983-2010 period when I was teaching and was out of practice. I never forgot the burning desire I had to be a cartoonist, and finally, in 2011, the comic strip based on the 1931-54 Lum and Abner radio show and 1940s-50s films became a reality!

The audio adaptations were developed to assist our many blind friends.
We do not claim to be the great professionals Chester Lauck and Norris Goff were!
The audio is performed as a not-for-profit public service.

Please ignore the URL for the old NLAS website and any instructions about going elsewhere for the audio! Everything is now right here!

“Laziness, Thy Name is Abner” – Chapter 1

Cartoonist: Donnie Pitchford!
Audio credits:
Announcer: Dr. Joe Oliver!
Music courtesy of The National Lum and Abner Society!
Character voices: Donnie Pitchford!

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