“Lum and Abner” Comic Strip Announcement!

SOUND EFFECT: “Fire Alarm” ring

UNCLE DONNIE: Howdy folks! There ain’t no fire!

I need to let you know that I am changing the frequency on the release of new Lum and Abner comic strips for the month of July 2022 and possibly part or all of August. Lum and Abner will be published every-other-Sunday for now.

I am in the midst of a commission that takes a great deal of time and the deadline is in August. Longtime readers may recall a similar time in 2019 when I had to put Lum and Abner on “pause” for five or six weeks.

Believe me, I hate having to do this, but I must free up sufficient time for this extra work. Like every freelance artist, the reality of income for paying bills is a reality I think everyone can understand, especially with the woes we’re all experiencing with the current economy.

The Monday-Saturday reruns of the earlier Lum and Abner strips as well as semiweekly Jot ‘Em Down Journals are prescheduled and will continue as usual.

This will not affect the print publications in our newspapers because I am working far enough ahead of their schedules.

To further explain, I am working on sculpting five portraits of celebrities who are being inducted into the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame. This involves research, sculpting the small faces in clay, attaching them to a precast form, and casting replicas to be attached to the large plaques awarded to the recipients as well as a duplicate set to be displayed in the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame Museum.

When this work is completed, I will return to a weekly schedule for new comics!

Thank you for understanding!

By the way, the above image can be downloaded, printed, and placed anywhere you may have an infestation of roaches, termites, mice, or rats. It will eliminate them even better than Lum’s saxophone playing!


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