“Lum and Abner” – Rerun #427

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“Lum and Abner in OZ!” – Chapter 1

Script: Tim Hollis!
Cartoonist: Donnie Pitchford!
Last panel background: Laura Pitchford!
Audio credits:
Special guest (recorded in 2001):
Dorothy: Rhoda Williams!
Regular cast:
Announcer: Dr. Joe Oliver!
Music by Marc Ridgeway!
Dick Huddleston: Singin’ Sam Brown!
Abner: Donnie Pitchford!
Cedric and Lum: Tim Hollis!

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About this series:

The 2001 National Lum and Abner Society Convention had guest stars who had performed in adaptations of the Oz stories and others for Disneyland Records:
Dick Beals, Sam Edwards, Robie Lester, and Rhoda Williams. Long an Oz fan, Tim Hollis had conceived the idea of “Lum and Abner in Oz” years before as a short story, but put it to good use in 2001 as a script for these veteran voice actors to perform live in 2001!
In 2018, during a visit to my Carthage, Texas studio, Tim offered a comic strip script version of the story, and away we went, recording the voices of Lum, Abner, and Pine Ridge friends anew. We used the 2001 recordings of our NLAS friends playing their parts. Unfortunately, there was a major glitch in the 2001 recordings. One microphone was dead.
Dad-blame it!!
Please overlook this flaw in our audio adaptations!

Dick Beals, Robie Lester, Rhoda Williams, and Sam Edwards on the “kiver” of the August 2001 issue of The Jot ‘Em Down Journal.

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