Merry Christmas! – “Lum and Abner” Comic Strip Rerun #395!

Here, from 2018, is our eighth Christmas comic strip in the Lum and Abner series! We returned to the imaginary Lum and Abner Christmas 1988 Wish Book for more selections of make-believe Christmas gifts! These were originally published in The National Lum and Abner Society’s The Jot ‘Em Down Journal.
The character “Travelin’ Joe” visits Pine Ridge and he and Dick Huddleston flip through the book to chat about a few of the items.
Composer-musician Marc Ridgeway’s wonderful music closes the audio production!

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Writer/artist: Donnie Pitchford
Voice of Dick Huddleston: “Singin’ Sam” Brown
“Travelin’ Joe/2021 announcer: Dr. Joe Oliver.
Music: Marc Ridgeway.


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