“Lum and Abner” Rerun #281-B!

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“Down in Pine Ridge” – EXTRA!

Script based on a 1936 radio program written by Chet Lauck & Tuffy Goff!
Cartoonist/photographer: Donnie Pitchford.
Antique dishes: Laura Pitchford
Music by Marc Ridgeway!

No audio this time, folks! This was published as an extra comic strip online.
The image depicts a table cloth much like Luke Spears may have had in his lunchroom. There is an older-style coffee cup atop a 1936 issue of the county seat newspaper, The Mena Star. Just below the paper we can see the edge of an antique plate where someone has had a meal, and beside it are Depression glass salt-and-pepper shakers. The headline on the newspaper reads, “LUM EDWARDS SHOT”! Just below that is a photo of Lum. There is a subheading reading “Demopublican candidate for President gunned down during Hot Springs speech.”

Will Lum survive?
Will the shooter be captured?
Will Abner carry on the Jot ‘Em Down Store alone?

Tune in tomorrow –
same Pine Ridge time,
same Pine Ridge comic strip!

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