“Lum and Abner” Rerun #154!

Beginning a new story!
I hoped to send a message with this strip in 2014.
Snake Hogan is depicted as “the town bully” in the original Lum and Abner radio shows. Washington, a character in the first Lum and Abner movie Dreaming Out Loud (1940) never met Snake Hogan in that film and was not included in the radio show.
I wondered, “How might Snake Hogan react to this African-American kid?”
Cartoonist: Donnie Pitchford
Audio credits in order of appearance:
Our 2021 announcer is Dr. Joe Oliver!
Music by Marc Ridgeway!
Jimmy: Kyle Cage!
Washington: Daron McDaniel!
Snake Hogan: Jackson Herod!
Click to listen

Our sponsor of the week is our friend
“Singin’ Sam” Brown who invites you to visit the National Lum and Abner Society!

The NLAS website is moving! All archived pages are gone!
Why? Well, it’s a sad story. Our former provider, without prior warning, killed off the software we’ve always used.
As soon as time allows, the site will be restored.

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2 thoughts on ““Lum and Abner” Rerun #154!

    1. Thank you! Washington and Jimmy were depicted as best buddies in the 1940 movie. Jimmy comes close to death from pneumonia and Washington makes a suggestion that helps save his life.


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