Lum and Abner Meet Henry – Sorta! Bonus Video Included!

It “sort of” happened on Sunday, August 4, 2013! Imagine my shock when I read the comics published that day by King Features Syndicate and noticed the gag in the classic Henry comic strip was very, very close to what I’d done in that day’s Lum and Abner! Granted, my gag of Cedric splashing all the water out of the pond was far from original. We’ve seen it in lots of animated cartoons. Still, I sighed with relief thinking there was no way the Henry cartoonist and I could have compared notes or stolen from each other.

Then someone reminded me Henry was reprinted. Still, I doubt seriously I ever saw the original strip. But what the heck!

Apparently, Henry is no longer available online! Hopefully King Features Syndicate will forgive me for sharing the August 4, 2013 strip here:

And in case you didn’t see our Lum and Abner rerun from yesterday:

This coincidence inspired some good-natured “joshin'” from friends, including some cartoonists who joked that I surely mined old Henry reprints for my Lum and Abner ideas. In fact, I don’t believe I have a single book collection of Henry in my library! But I couldn’t resist having some Lum and Abner Fun by producing the following rather nutty video! Give it a look!

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