New! “Lum and Abner” Comic Strip #514

We continue celebrating Lum and Abner’s 90th radio anniversary and
Pine Ridge’s 85th anniversary!
Our audio cast this week:
Announcer, Travelin’ Joe: Dr. Joe Oliver
Dick Huddleston: Sam Brown
Music: Marc Ridgeway
Abner: Tim Hollis
Lum: Donnie Pitchford

But first, an apology!

When I wrote the script for this comic strip back in January, I accidentally left out the voice credit for Larry Gassman. In 2014-15, Larry voiced the hero of the story “The Whisper,” a blind man named Larry-John Walden, named for Larry Gassman, John Gassman, and Walden Hughes as a tribute to those men of Yesterday USA.
When the audio for #514 played as part of a combined “Doin’ 90” segment on YUSA during our April 26, 2021 Lum and Abner 90th Anniversary Marathon, the omission was pointed out, and I promised we would “get ‘er fixed” before the actual release of Lum and Abner Comic Strip #514.
Dr. Joe Oliver graciously agreed to rerecord that portion of the audio. I went through the comic strips to check and be sure there were no other omissions in my script.
I was shocked to realize I’d left some other fine folks out and made certain I put them into the revised script.
But guess what.
I blew it again.
When you hear the revised audio, you will notice that I accidentally sent Dr. Oliver the name John Gassman instead of Larry Gassman.
I discovered my second blunder close to the deadline for this strip. There was no way to have it rerecorded in time plus I did not wish to trouble Dr. Oliver again.
The error is entirely mine, and Larry Gassman, I again apologize to you!
Please notice that in the visual version of the comic strip, Larry’s name and photo are correct.
As Lum might say, “I ort ta be bored fer th’ simples.”
Now let’s get on with the audio and visual versions of the comic strip.
Your cartoonist, Donnie Pitchford.

This Lum and Abner strip dedicated to the memory of Nicola Cuti, award-winning author, artist, actor, filmmaker, and friend.

Our sponsor of the week: Today’s Grocer,
the nation’s most highly honored food trade publication! We thank them for carrying the Lum and Abner comic strip each month!
Listen to our audio tribute here:

Visit the Today’s Grocer website here:

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