“Lum and Abner” Rerun #94!

We begin the 2013 story “Abner Cadabra!”
In addition to Marc Ridegway’s music,
Sam Brown and Tim Hollis join our audio cast! See the photo below!
Click to hear the audio production:

Left-to-right: Tim Hollis, Sam Brown, and Donnie Pitchford during a March 2013 recording session in Carthage, Texas.
All the scripts for “Abner Cadabra” were recorded during this session.
Photograph by Raymond Keese.

In five days, Lum and Abner celebrate 90 years since their first radio show!
More information will be published soon about our celebration on Yesterday USA!
Our sponsor of the week is Ted Nichols!
Ted invites you to visit the website for
Mort Todd Comics:

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