LUM: Hidey fokes, thar ain’t no far…
ABNER: (Mumbling) He’s a-gonna git E-rested fer rangin that far alarm rang!
LUM: This is Lum Eddards. I gotta ‘nouncemint.
ABNER: (Mumbling) Always makin’ ‘nouncemints.
LUM: That feller Uncle Donnie Pitchblende-
ABNER: I thought his name was Pitchfork.
LUM: He done published Wednesday’s Lum and Abner Rerun too early. Jest dis-un-regard that’n.
ABNER: That Peachfort feller ain’t even as smart as Cedric.
LUM: Enyhow, y’all will git the right rerun a li’l later. Sorry about that.
ABNER: AH-hah.


Published by lumandabner

Lum and Abner cartoonist

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