“Lum and Abner Easter Comic Book”

This is part of our “rerun” series!
In 2020, I cooked up a “1940s comic book style” story to see how the characters of Pine Ridge may have reacted if they had a COVID-19 situation in their time.
I staged it around Easter and based it somewhat on an actual Lum and Abner radio show.
It was fun producing this in comic book format and simulating the look of old four-color printing. The “Lum and Abner Comics give you more” heading was adapted from scans of old Charlton comic books. The authentic aged paper look was achieved by a scan supplied by Charlton Spotlight editor Michael Ambrose.
“Travelin’ Joe” (voiced by Dr. Joe Oliver) will take us back in time.
Brother Riggins is voiced by Rev. Bill Rodebaugh.
Sam Brown is the voice of Dick Huddleston.
Marc Ridgeway is our composer-musician.
Other voices by Peter Pitchblende or somebody.

In addition to the “…gives you more” heading, other nostalgic bits abound.
Eagle-eyed comic book historians may spot the 1960s “The End”
graphic which I recreated from an enlarged scan of a Gold Key comic book page.
The page numbers were scanned from original art pages from a Popeye comic book illustrated by George Wildman. There is a vintage Bunny Bread sign on the store door as well. Thanks for listening and reading!

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