Lum and Abner #503, February 28, 2021!

Hear early “Lum and Abner” archival audio!

Published by lumandabner

Lum and Abner cartoonist

9 thoughts on “Lum and Abner #503, February 28, 2021!

    1. Many thanks! I will do so ASAP! I tried to reply once and lost the reply somehow. I am new to WordPress and haven’t had time to properly learn it, so these early posts are just experiments. Thanks for signing up!


  1. I still haven’t had time to learn WordPress totally! At least I can share the new strips for now. When I get it all down, I’ll promote this and try to ramp up subscriptions. Keep up your fine work!


    1. Thanks so much!! Maybe you’re related to Frances Langford, eh? She’s my half-sister. The “-ford” half of the name. Okay, I’m kidding! Seriously, thanks for reading and commenting! I need to really launch this WordPress site. Still trying to find time to learn it.


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