Donnie Pitchford Presentation

Tuesday, September 21, 2021.

Welcome! I am honored to be here!

Below you will find links to images relating to examples I will be showing during the presentation.

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The following video provides a brief history of Lum and Abner as well as a look at my own background. Bookmark this page and give this video a view if interested.

Lum and Abner comic strip/audio script:

Lum and Abner digital layout (panels, lettering):

Lum and Abner 11×17″ paper copy for pencils:

My studio (former bedroom in our house), part traditional, part digital:

Ignore the mess!

Lum and Abner penciled page; colored pencil with lines defined in black marker:

Lum and Abner printed to Bristol for inking:

Traditionally inked Lum and Abner:

Some inking tools:

Speedball Superblack India ink, Gillott 170 nib, #3 brush, Speedball B-6 nib, Pigma Micron pen, Hunt Globe nib, Hunt 102 nib.

You say you don’t have one of these custom-designed ink caddies? Hmmm…

Lum and Abner colored in Photoshop:

I mostly use a vintage CMYK palette adapted for Photoshop.
It’s based on the classic 25/50/100% formula below:

Obviously I’ve added some colors! 15%K for gray hair, 15%C for glasses, and other blends for various uses.

Above: Layers in Photoshop and adding color to Abner.
Below: Finished comic strip.

Below: Lum and Abner #523 in the August 26, 2021 issue of The Mena Star newspaper.

Audio for Lum and Abner #523:
Click below to listen!

Lum and Abner audio production tools:

Electrovoice RE520 microphone and Zoom H4nPro digital recorder.
Below: Editing audio in Adobe Audition.

Some voice actors record their lines using an iPhone.

During our anniversary celebration, we produced this strip crediting and picturing our many audio performers:

Why “Peter Pitchblende” above? You’ll find out in the video I posted at the top!

Pine Ridge characters:

Top: Lum Edwards, Evalena Schultz, Abner Peabody, Lizzabeth Peabody, Mrs. and Mr. McDaniel, Washington McDaniel.
Bottom: Cedric Weehunt, Mousey Gray (below), Aunt Charity Spears (above), Grandpappy Spears, Squire Skimp (below), Jimmy King (above).

More stuff!

Below is a link to a virtual exhibit featuring my work in cartooning, painting, illustration, and sculpture. You’ll also see samples from other artists.
This was an exhibit produced by Panola College, Carthage, Texas:

Donnie Pitchford’s
“Wonderful World of Comics”
Panola College 2019

Thank you all!
I am honored to be a cartoonist!

See ya in the comics!

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