“The Jot ‘Em Down Journal” #36

FREE! Lum and Abner fans: The Jot ‘Em Down Journal #36, June 1990, is available again to read (PDF) and/or hear (MP3)! Cover: Vintage Pine Ridge Horlick’s sign.1990 Convention Preview, guest Bobs Watson.“Pitchford’s Prittle Prattle” introduces an upcoming feature, “Meet the Members.”“Lum and Abner and Their Sponsors” Part 3: Horlick’s Malted Milk by Tim Hollis.“TheContinue reading ““The Jot ‘Em Down Journal” #36″


LUM: Hidey fokes, thar ain’t no far… ABNER: (Mumbling) He’s a-gonna git E-rested fer rangin that far alarm rang!LUM: This is Lum Eddards. I gotta ‘nouncemint.ABNER: (Mumbling) Always makin’ ‘nouncemints.LUM: That feller Uncle Donnie Pitchblende-ABNER: I thought his name was Pitchfork.LUM: He done published Wednesday’s Lum and Abner Rerun too early. Jest dis-un-regard that’n.ABNER: ThatContinue reading “OOPS!!!”

“Lum and Abner Easter Comic Book”

This is part of our “rerun” series!In 2020, I cooked up a “1940s comic book style” story to see how the characters of Pine Ridge may have reacted if they had a COVID-19 situation in their time.I staged it around Easter and based it somewhat on an actual Lum and Abner radio show.It was funContinue reading ““Lum and Abner Easter Comic Book””

“Lum and Abner” Comic Strip #508!

We continue celebrating the 90th anniversary of Lum and Abner!Our audio cast this week:Announcer: Dr. Joe OliverMusic: Marc RidgewayDick Huddleston: Sam BrownLum, Chet Lauck: Tim HollisAbner, Tuffy Goff: Donnie Pitchford-PLUS-Actual clips of Chet Lauck and Tuffy Goff! Previous strip! <–Click for–> Next strip! Return to the Archives page!