“The Jot ‘Em Down Journal” #56

FREE! Lum and Abner fans: The Jot ‘Em Down Journal #56, October 1993,
is available again to read (PDF) and/or hear (MP3)!

Cover: a 1943 poster from So This is Washington.
“Let’s Toon in on Lum and Abner” updates by Tim Hollis.
“The Golden Era” comic strip by Gary Stivers.
“So This is… So This is Washington details about the movie by Tim Hollis.
“Lum and Abner Go to War” Part 12 by Donnie Pitchford.
“Meet the Members” spotlights Cecil Whitmire of Birmingham, Alabama.
And more!
The Jot ‘Em Down Journal was edited by Tim Hollis.
The Audio Journal was read by Sam Brown.

Click here for a PDF of issue 56!

Click here for an MP3 reading of issue 56!

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Lum and Abner cartoonist

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